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Istria in late autumn, winter or spring? Not exactly what you imagine when you think of the warm summer months in Croatia. This time of year is underestimated by many because it has its own special charm. Above all, these extreme contrasts between summer, with the masses of tourists, and winter, where you have to be lucky to meet someone on the street, inspire us again and again! We have often sat on a bench in the evening and not heard a sound! Nothing! There's no better way to relax!

Walks by the sea amidst abandoned campsites

The mild climate in autumn and winter literally invites you to go for long walks. A special highlight for us are the tours in the abandoned campsites, which can also be visited while the site is officially closed. According to Croatian law everyone has a right to the sea and therefore the sites cannot be locked. Imagine a huge park right by the sea where you are pretty much alone...then you know how it feels.

Bike tours

There it is again… the mild climate. Also perfect for bike tours on the many bike paths. For you even quite simply from the apartment: you can get the right bicycles, and if you want the right dog trailers, directly from us.

Christmas markets

We really love visiting the Christmas markets in Croatia; especially the one in Poreč. It's different from ours in Germany, cosier, more Christmassy and above all tastier - try the Istrian specialties. Each market also offers an ice rink for young and old, including skate rental.

Visit historic cities

Let's be honest: who goes on a city tour in the high season with sweltering heat and masses of tourists? At least not us! At this time of year you can experience a very special magic of the historic cities on the coast and inland where you can take photos without disturbing visitors.

Shopping centers

Pula in particular has a number of large shopping centers to offer. Not necessarily what you need on holiday, but to escape a day with bad weather, in our opinion, perfect. For example, experience new and well-known shops with numerous restaurants in Max City.

Visit events

From Christmas time to Carnival, Istria is a great place to spend the winter! For example, visit a carnival event in Labin or the Chocolate & Wine Fest in Brtonigla.